Thursday, November 27, 2008

Building mounts

My project for the weekend is to build some cork bark mounts. I use quite a few of these and it is a hassle to have a plant ready to mount and to have to stop and build the mount. It is not so hard, but I have to get out tools and clear space.

This Dendrobium loddigesii mount is typical of the mounts I do. This was done a couple of months ago. I expect to sell or trade it next year after it has grown some more and attached roots firmly.

I have a battery-powered drill for the greenhouse in addition to the one on my workbench in the garage. I keep a 3/16 drill bit in it all the time. This is the right size for the wire and also makes threading the fishing line used to attach the plant easier.

I use the same 12 gauge galvanized single strand wire for all my mounts of any size. I have tried other sizes and thinner wire for small mounts. This wire works for any size and forms a hook on top that can stand the pulling that sometimes happens.

The size of the wire cutters is important. I have three of various sizes and have tried to use all of them at various times. I finally bought a dedicated pair of cutters for this wire. Using smaller cutters is just too hard and I hate searching for tools.

More about building mounts tomorrow. It is simple enough, but there are a few things to consider. I didn't do it well until I was shown how.

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