Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fall watering

The picture shows the leaf on a new growth. It got wet and didn't dry before night. This plant will survive but a couple of other plants in the greenhouse died.

There are seven reasons to water less. The two most important are when there is less light and when temperatures are lower.

The positioning of my greenhouse is such that for a time as the sun moves south it goes behind a tree. The hours of sunlight on the greenhouse are reduced. I know this, yet it always seems to come as a surprise when I notice it.

If I were smart I would mark on my calendar the date in fall that it starts and the date in spring when it ends. I can't do that because I didn't notice.

I am not that smart about temperature either. I turn on the heater when the night temperatures start to go into the 40s, and the thermostat is set at 60 degrees, so I tend to think of the greenhouse as warmer, not colder.

"Cold" is not only the minimum temperature but also the whole amount of warmth available. The average temperature drops in fall even if the minimum temperature is higher.

The automatic watering is completely off. Now I am watering by hand with a pump sprayer, keeping water off the leaves.

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