Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Madagascar continued

What else do I have that will never bloom because I have no Madagascar micro climate? Luckily I keep notes on where my orchids grow so I can check easily.

Aerangis articulata grows in Madagascar and Comoran. Warm to hot growing, fragrant, grows best mounted. Blooms in the fall.

There may be hope for this one. I have had it a full year and it has grown well. On the other hand, fall is almost over and there is no sign of a spike.

I see this flowered in San Francisco. Although they are only 40 miles away they have a whole different humidity level and temperature gradient.

Angraecum sesquipedale is hot growing and needs consistent warm temperatures and even watering. It has large, fragrant flowers.

I have had one for three full years and what has happened is that buds form and then blast.

This is a mature plant, the 'Orchidglade II' FCC/AOS that is easily available here. I got it at POE in bloom. Last year it may have been warm enough but the leaves got hard and a local grower diagnosed light stress. I have it in the same location with a piece of 50% shade cloth over it.

Whew! That's it. I'll give them another year, then sell or trade them. I need the space for plants I can bloom.

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