Friday, November 28, 2008

More on building mounts

I break the bark to the size I want and drill a hole about 3/4 inch from the top. More about sizes later.

Twelve gauge utility wire is great stuff. It is strong and keeps its shape well yet it can be bent without any special tools.

I cut off a piece about a foot long. I have a place marked I can use to measure or I do it by eye. I don't try to be precise. Erring by cutting a little longer than I need is better that a little too short.

There is a bend to the wire from being spooled so I more or less straighten that out. Almost straight is good enough. Then I make a sharp 90 degree bend in it about half way.

I push one end of the wire through the hole from the back until the bend is right aginst the bark. I hold the wire so that it is pointing straight up and hard against the bark. I bend the wire coming out or the front straight up and tight to the front of the bark.

One more bend by hand so that the wire on the front of the bark is tight to the top of the bark and runs right past the wire coming up the back. Being right handed, I run it past the left side.

It is easier to trim the wire now than after the next bend. The front wire will wrapping tightly around the front wire. It is fairly easy to see how long the wire will need to be for that.

The last bend that attaches the wire and the bark needs the pliers. I wrap the wire tightly around. We don't want any space on top or any wiggle of the wire.

One final bend to form the hook. I use 3/4 inch PVC pipe for that. I don't go too close to the bark, that makes it hard to hang. One final trim if necessary and I am done.

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