Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Small white flowers are hard to photograph

Bulbophyllum laxiflorum grows throughout Southeast Asia. It is warm to hot growing, very tropical. The flowers are fragrant and can occur any time of the year. A group of flowers radiate from the end of the spike forming a starburst effect.

The genus Bulbophyllum contains 1500 species found in all tropical areas on earth.

I got this plant a month ago at the member sale table at the Sonoma County Orchid Society. It was a very healthy plant filling the pot and it had a flower spike.

This week the flowers opened. I make it a point to take photos of all my plants and their flowers. While this for documentation purposes rather than artistic, I like to have attractive pictures and I want the flower picture to show the shape of a single flower.

The flowers are just over 1/2 inch wide and are white. I know from experience that small white flowers are difficult to shoot, so I took several photos. After I downloaded those and looked at them, I took a bunch more.

This is the best of all those but I am not totally happy with the flower definition. I plan to take at least one more group of photos before making a final choice for the "official" flower picture.

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