Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some hybrids are also part of my collection

One of my favorite orchids is this Blc 'Sundance'. I got it several years ago at a society show and sale and it has been blooming for two years.

At about the same time as I bought this plant I had been taking some classes in orchid culture. One of the subjects was mounting. Some of the examples were spectacular table mounts like the one below.

The teacher warned us about using driftwood from the ocean. I didn't have any driftwood of any sort, so I went to a pet store. I bought two pieces, one of which is the wood shown above. They were kind of expensive. I wouldn't recommend pet stores as a big source, but I thought it was worth it to have something to work with.

I put a thin pad of sphagnum on the top of the wood and spread out the roots. I had a bowl of sphagnum moss handy as I started to wind 5-pound fishing line around and around. Every time the line crossed a root I added a strand of sphagnum as a cushion. I ended up with about 20 turns of fishing line.

After a couple of years the plant was firmly anchored with the lovely roots speading and I started cutting the fishing line. By then all the sphagnum had disappaeared. Then last year it bloomed. It bloomed again this year.

I only have two table mounts in my collection now. I love table mounts, they can be very impressive. But they take up a lot of space and I am short on space. I am not planning any new mounts of this type but Blc 'Sundance' has a place in my collection for as long as it wants.

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