Monday, December 1, 2008

Coelogyne mooreana backbulbs

The genus Coelogyne contains 100 species found in all of Asia east of India and Indonesia and Fiji. Conditions vary considerably.

Coelogyne mooreana grows in Vietnam in high mountain cloud forests. It is fragrant and blooms in spring and early summer on immature growth. It is an easy grower and a nice addition to any collection.

A few months ago I bought a quite large plant that was in serious need of repotting. It produced about a dozen nice plants.

In addition to the divisions there were a bunch of backbulbs. Some of them were single pseudobulbs with a leaf and good prospects for recovery. I shared these with friends for postage plus a dollar.

This left a half dozen hard-core backbulbs. They had no leaf and no roots and no visible eyes. I put these into a hanging pot with sphagnum around them as fluffy as possible. I hung it in the wettest part of the greenhouse.

This is that pot today. A couple of them sprouted right away and are now separately potted. One is totally dead and one group is dying but has sprouted. That one will be tricky to transition.

That leaves two sprouting and one yet to decide about sprouting or dying.

This Coelogyne and the two are all high altitude wet growing plants. They responded to sphagnum and wet conditions.

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