Monday, December 8, 2008

Epidendrum peperomia divisions

The genus Epidendrum contains 1000 known species through out tropical Americas and the Caribbean. Extremely varied. It is kind of the default genus for orchids.

Epidendrum peperomia grows from Nicaragua to Ecuador in pine and oak forests. Cool to warm growing, low light. AKA Neolehmannia porpax.

The plant does well mounted and it is often seen on treefern. It forms a thick mat which is covered with flowers when it blooms. It can bloom any time of year but mine likes summer.

This summer, after it bloomed, I took half of my collection plant off of the treefern and made it into small divisions. I put them in the saucer shown in the picture to grow them a bit before mounting.

The 8 1/2 inch clay saucer has had a small hole drilled in it to keep water from standing in it. Then there is a thin layer of pea gravel and a thin layer of sphagnum moss.

The 10 small pieces of peperomia were spread around the saucer in a pizza-like pattern and another layer of loose sphagnum moss was added. I placed the saucer in fairly low light where it could get wet regularly. This plant wants even watering during the summer growing season and a little dryer in winter.

I checked the plants today and all of them have formed new roots and have grown. Three of them are large enough to mount as separate plants and I will do that later today.

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