Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finishing a mount

There are a few different methods of attaching a plant to a cork mount. I'll show you the one I like best. It does the basic job of holding the plant completely still in relation to the cork and looks pretty good right away.

This summer, after it bloomed, I took half of my Epidendrum peperomia plant off of its treefern and made it into small divisions. Now I'm taking the largest piece to mount on cork.

I laid the plant on the mount and position it. Then I mark and drill four holes. I will attach the plant to the cork with fishing line running across the rhizome at two points.

The 3/16 inch holes may seem large, but I have learned the hard way what size I need to be able to thread the fishing line. In addition, I don't have to change drill bits. NOTE: Be sure that the holes don't cross inside the bark.

Have a little moist sphagnum moss available. And I do mean "a little". I am providing a cushion for the plant, not potting it. A few strands will be enough.

The order of placement is first a couple of strands of sphagnum moss through the loops, then the plant, then another strand at the points where the fishing line crosses the rhizome.

I gently tighten the line across the rhizome and tie in back with a single knot is looped under twice. That will hold just enough tension so that I don't need a finger on it while finish a square knot and trim the ends in back.

The final touch is to trim any loose sphagnum to make a mice neat appearance.

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