Thursday, December 4, 2008

More about the greenhouse.

If you can walk through your greenhouse in a straight line and without ducking, you don't have enough orchids. This is the view from outside the door on the south side.

I sometimes envy those with neat benches
and nice rows of similar sized pots. A greenhouse where you can measure the light an know that it applies to the whole quadrant.

Not in my greenhouse. It's a jungle in there. Every orchid has its own micro climate, as close to what it needs as I can figure out.

My top light level is 4000+ footcandles. The top of the greenhouse is full of hanging plants and mounts so everything is shaded by at least a couple of other plants. Here is a view looking west along the aisle on the north side. Looks as if you would need a machete to get through.

Watering is overhead sprayers.
There are about 20 2-gallon per hour heads that run for two minutes early in the day. It is very rain-like. In summer they run once a day and winter once a week with manual runs as needed.

Cooling is from overhead foggers. These cover the same area and run on a thermostat and timer combination. The highest temperature I ever see in there is 92.

Almost all the potted plants are in some kind of rock. As you can immagine, this is a very wet environment and any other potting medium would kill most orchids.

The greenhouse is pretty interesting to manage. It is not optimal for most of my orchids, but I can grow a pretty broad range by placing it properly.


  1. Beautiful greenhouse Richard! I'm jealous. :D Hopefully, many years from now when I'm done moving and finished all of my graduate studies, I will be able to have some similar.

  2. Thank you, for the comment. The greenhouse has worked out very well even if it is overcrowded. I probably would overfill any size greenhouse, so having one that is not too big keeps the work level to a manageable amount.