Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Orchid photos

I am an orchidist who takes pictures, not an orchid photographer. My camera is an Olympus C-740 with 3.2 megapixels with a maximum 2048 x 1636 resolution.

One of my goals early on was to take decent pictures of individual flowers. As a beginner, I had trouble finding good pictures that I could compare to plants I had.

One search for photos that drove me nuts was when I tried to identify the Colmanara Wildcat varieties. It seemed that so many photos on the interweb are miss-labeled that I had trouble feeling confident in the identification.

I have to admit that I have become a bit compulsive about orchid identification. I have a few plants in the greenhouse that are unidentified. When one of these blooms I try to take a clear picture that will make identification possible.

The other reason for pictures is pride. I like to show off my orchids and post pictures on them on my website.

For some flowers there was no problem. I took them outside, found a good background in the right direction for the sun and snapped. Others were quite a challenge.

If you have an Oncidium Twinkle you will appreciate this photo. The flowers are small. It took three separate sessions and 30 to 40 pictures to get this one. I would snap a few, download them and open them in Photoshop. Finally I got one I liked that would be big enough on the screen (432px wide) and showing the details of the flower.

Every time I see the picture it makes me happy.

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