Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shipping and Handling

I have been selling and trading by mail for a couple of years. I like doing it that way and it has gone smoothly with one exception, that being the first time I tried.

My first sale was a real growth opportunity. The most important lesson was get the shipping box first, THEN sell.

I did pretty much everything wrong. I used a box that was too small, I didn't use enough packing material and I shipped into cold weather. Bottom line, the plant froze and I refunded the money while losing a future customer.

I have some advice. Open an account with shop.USPS.com and shop for supplies there. There are many free items, but the most important is strong priority mail boxes.

I keep two sizes around the house that work for almost all my plants. For larger plants I have a roll of Priority Mail labels to make any box into priority mail. These are all free.

The first is the Priority Mail Shoe Box (7.5 X 5.125 X 14.375). This is the one I use most often. The second is Priority Mail Box O-BOX4 (7" x 7" x 6"). Browse the site, you will find some other useful boxes and supplies.

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