Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Steno what?

That was my first reaction when I saw this plant at the Sonoma County Orchid Society party last night. I wasn't even sure it was an orchid. Shows you what I know about orchids.

When I got the plant home I tried to look it up. After a little "interpretation" of the plant tag I found it. Live and learn.

The genus Stenorrhynchos contains 30 species spread throughout the tropical Americas. In reading through the list of species, I see that this genus has been extensively re-classified.

Stenorrhynchos speciosum is a terrestrial growing at higher elevations in the Andes from French Guiana to Argentina. From the description I am going to give it moderate light and even moisture.

I always like to learn about a new genus, and the party was very nice. There were door prizes and a gift exchange. Lots of orchids changed hands last night and I got to talk to several people that I didn't know well.

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