Friday, January 16, 2009

Cork mount hanger details

I was telling you how I made up my cork bark mounts. I want to mention a couple more details about the hook part of the wire hanger.

I hang my orchids both on a dowel and on a wire mesh. My hanger has to work for both. In addition, I have a PVC frame that I take for "show and tell" so people can see my plants.

The pipe on the PVC frame is 3/4 inch. I tried 1/2 inch PVC but it isn't strong enough to hold several plants. The base size of the loop is 3/4 inch and it starts two inches above the cork. I form it by bending the wire over the frame.

Looking at the top of the loop closely, you can see that it is not quite a half circle and that the loop is almost entirely behind the plant. This is so that it can catch a wire mesh and hang firmly against the mesh.

I'll tell you more about the frame another time. It has turned out very handy not only for showing the plants but also for working with them.

One very nice feature is that it sits two ways. Sitting on one side it is a stable place to hang tall mounts and baskets. When it is sitting flat on a table, several smaller plants are at a level that is easy to view.


  1. Good too keep in mind. Now only if we can find a more enviro friendly alternative to pvc. Hmmm...?

  2. I know what you mean, but as a inexpensive medium that can be worked with with minimum tools it is hard to beat.