Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A happy surprise

Degarmoara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' is a very beautiful and long lasting hybrid. It grows well in intermediate conditions. Lots of people have them in their collections.

I got a couple of plants free four years ago. They had been part of the decor in an effort to make a house that was for sale look classy. They had been over-watered and when I took them out of the pot there wasn't a single live root.

As a backbulb propagation exercise after removing the leads and repotting those, I divided all the remaining pseudobulbs into groups of one or two and put them in pots.

Some of the backbulb divisions sprouted the first year and the remaining backbulbs produced sprouts the year after that. All except this one.

This pot just kept getting dryer and dryer looking. Finally I took it out of the 'hospital' section of the greenhouse and set it under the bench.

I didn't throw it away because it was in a spot that was much too dark to grow anything. Also, I keep orchids until the get completely brown. Orchids are real survivors and as long as there is any green they might sprout.

I happened to glance into the pot yesterday and was really pleasantly surprise to see a sprout. WooHoo!!

The backbulbs will go back into the pot with a few chunks of rock and be moved back to the hospital section of the greenhouse. There are no roots yet. It will remain undisturbed now until roots are more than an inch long.

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