Saturday, January 3, 2009

Orchid photo processing

After I take my pictures I save the originals right out of the camera in a YYYY-MM folder, a new folder each month. I keep them on my computer for two years. After that they are backed up on an external USB drive.

My next step is to select the picture I want and verify the identity. If it is one of my own plants, I have already done it, but for pictures taken at society meetings I check If it is a hybrid, I simply believe the tag.

I keep adjustment to a minimum. I want to see the flower in the picture to closely represent the actual flower. I may adjust levels, brightness and contrast, but nothing else.

When I am satisfied, I process up to five versions of the picture, three for the web and two for print.

The web pictures are three widths intended for specific purposes. These are saved with low-medium quality and in one-inch, three-inch and six-inch sizes. I allow the height to be whatever shows the flower best.

The two print sizes are 600x600 and 900x1500 and are stored at maximum quality. I can usually get the 600x600 but often can't get a 900x1500 I like. I don't worry about it since I do very little printing of pictures.

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