Friday, January 2, 2009

Remounted Oncidium nudum

Here is the Oncidium nudum after it was remounted. It still looks beat-up but the tape and wire are gone.

Before trying to unmount the plant I gave it a good soak, about 5 minutes. I wanted the water to saturate everything it could. A well-wetted root is easier to detach.

There were in fact a few roots attached to the bark, but they released with minimal damage after a bit of coaxing. There was also a clump of dead roots attached to the older pseudobulbs. I left most of those and removed about half of the sphagnum.

I placed the newest growth more to the center and lower on the bark. New growth will develop next to the mount and be a bit higher than the last. I will do some more trimming in a couple of months for a neater look.

The final step is to attach the tag. I used my friend's tag since it will go back to eventually. I slid the tag wire under the hanger wire.

I have found out the hard way that sliding the tag over the hanger wire is not good enough. It stays fine most of the time, but tends to slide off on the way to "Show and Tell" or some other inconvenient time while it is being handled.

I have never seen this species so I don't know how big it really is. Perhaps I should have used an even bigger mount. In any case, it will be fine for a couple of years. If necessary the bark can be trimmed and attached to a larger piece then.

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