Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Repotting a Laelia anceps

This is the Laelia anceps I got a few days ago. I took it out of the pot today and was not happy with what I saw, although from the condition of the top, I kind of expected something like this.

It was in a 3-inch clay pot with foam peanuts in the bottom. The sphagnum was very old and broken down. There had once been a good root system in the pot.

Sphagnum moss can be a very good medium for Catts and other orchids that need to dry between watering. It takes getting used to like any medium. It works best in a bright environment with good air movement.

This plant had been growing indoors where there is not enough light and no fan. It had certainly been over watered.

I removed all the sphagnum and trimmed all the hollow roots. When that was done I saw that the part of the plant that was in the pot had absolutely no roots.

Once the cleanup was done I was able to follow the rhizomes and look for ways to divide the plant. There were two leads with a group of pseudobulbs to go with each. One group had been in the pot so had no roots and the other was mostly out of the pot so had pretty good roots.

Each part of the plant presents a challenge. Starting new growth and new roots on the left one is obvious. The other seems as if it should be easy, but sometimes roots that have grown entirely outside a pot have difficulty adjusting.

There will be one more round of cleanup to make sure that there is no place for bugs to hide and that the plants look as good as possible.

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