Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rodent attack

Oncidium nudum grows in Panama, Colombia and Venezuela at lower elevations. It is hot growing, likes high humidity and blooms in winter.

This plant belongs to an orchid friend and is spending some time recovering in my greenhouse. I am going to try to rehabilitate it at least to getting active growth started.

The plant was left in the potting bench for a couple of days where some rodent attacked it. The green tape was added after that to stabilize the plant.

There are no leaves and the inflorescence is about a foot and a half too short. There is (in my opinion) too much sphagnum and it needs a firmer attachment.

Blooming is usually considered good, but sometimes it is out of desperation. The plant has little energy left and is blooming to save the species. I believe that is what is going on here.

After being sure I had a good flower picture I cut off the inflorescence and have re-mounted it on a larger piece if cork. The roots were not in too bad condition. There is a reasonable chance that growth will start.

I don't have much experience with Oncidium and especially not with hot growing plants. Still, I plan to take my cues from the description of the natural conditions and do the best I can.

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