Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brassia keikis??

Brassia Rex is one of those plants that seems to find its way into a lot of collections. It is one that gets offered to me from time to time.

The plant was badly root-bound and what medium was left had disintegrated. In cases such as these, my practice is to work the roots apart if possible rather than up potting.

When I was done I had two plants (at least two pseudobulbs, leaves, some roots and active eyes) and three backbulb groups (one or two rootless and leafless pseudobulbs). This is one of the backbulb groups, in this case two connected pseudobulbs.

The backbulbs went into a clay pot that had a pad of sphagnum on the bottom. I used limestone pieces to support the backbulbs and to confine the humidity inside the pot. The whole pot then went on a humidity tray that is kept brimming full of water.

After six months I was not surprised that the plant sprouted. What surprised me were the keikis. I have seen keikis on Brassia before but don't really associate keikis with that genus.

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