Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flower opening this week

Oncidium varicosum - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Oncidium varicosum grows in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is cool to hot growing and blooms in summer and fall with many yellow flowers on spikes up to 5 feet long.

The spike on mine is more in the 2-3 foot range but I am perfectly happy with that. There are quite a few buds and only three of the flowers have opened so there may be a bit more growth.

I have had the plant for under a year and I was guessing to a certain extent about the right microclimate for it. This will definitely be going on show and tell tables in March.

The plant was re-potted when I got it, less than a year ago. I knew the pot was not large enough for two years growth, but the roots were skimpy. I will repot again later this year. I see that the new pseudobulb is larger than the previous pseudobulb and that is a sign that the plant is happy.

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