Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orchid nametags

I will admit it -- I like to know what I have in my collection. I will give away or toss out plants that don't have proper tags.

This is a rescue plant and I have no idea if it is worth the space or not. I have tried to search on the words that I can make out individually and in groups.

It looks as if it was healty and only recently lost its roots. The piece shown is about a quarter of the plant and all the pseudobulbs look good.

The plant appears to be a minicat of some kind. With that in mind I started going through the 'L' section of the Intergeneric Orchid Hybrid Abbreviations. The only one that could be a minicat is 'Lowara', which is Brassavola x Laelia x Sophronitis.

The word 'Trinket' seems clear. I Googled 'Lowara Trinket' and got a hit so I am going to go with that for the moment. I am stumped as to what either of the words on the second line could be.

I don't know for sure what happened with this label but my guess is that the owner lost the original tag and called someone. He wrote down what he thought he heard.

UPDATE: From Carol at Gardenweb comes the comment, "Richard, I looked on your blog, and it appears that the second name could be Bc. Gaudi-Digbyana, an old cross that is 50% C. bowringiana (info. from Orchidwiz)." That seems reasonable and no more of a stretch than is 'Lowara'. Thanks, Carol.

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