Friday, February 27, 2009

Orchids: An emotional roller coaster

Angraecum sesquipedale 'Orchidglade II' FCC/AOS - Photo by Richard Lindberg

The genus Angraecum contains 200 species grow in tropical Africa to Madagascar. They like a wood slat basket, high humidity, moderate shade, and ample water while in growing.

Angraecum sesquipedale grows in Madagascar. It is hot growing and needs consistent warm temperatures and even watering. It has large, fragrant flowers.

I have mentioned this plant before as one that I had given up on blooming. I bought it in bloom exactly three years ago and little has happened since. What a wonderful surprise to see the flowers yesterday.

The first year the light was too bright for it, the leaves got stiff and some were lost. There were buds but they blasted right away.

The The second year I moved it where it is now, high up for maximum heat. I added some shade cloth right over it. Again there were buds, but they blasted.

This year the position stayed the same but there were more plants hanging around it. And there are two spikes, four buds. One bud blasted, one is still unopen and two flowers are blooming now.

It looks as if I missed the best chance to photograph the flower but I did it anyway. I will watch the last bud and see if I can get a better picture.

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