Friday, February 13, 2009

Raffle win of a new species

Epidendrum coriifolium - Photo by Richard Lindberg

The second Tuesday of the month the Sonoma County Orchid Society has its meeting. As a member I go to most of them.

The speaker this month was Debra Atwood of Napa Valley Orchids speaking about selecting an orchid. It may seem as if it would be difficult to make a whole talk out of that, but there is much to consider to have the best chance to be successful, especially for the indoor grower.

Debra also provided the raffle plants. There was a nice selection of plants including several species plants. All of the plants would be a nice addition to any collection.

I got one of the orchids, a beautiful green form of Epidendrum coriifolium. It grows from Mexico through Central America to northern South America in low altitude and wet mountain forests. It is warm to hot growing, fragrant and needs bright light.

I have now repotted the plant in pea gravel and a larger pot. I was happy to find a pretty good root system.

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