Monday, February 23, 2009

Remounting a plant

Bulbophyllum leopardinum grows from India to Thailand at high altitudes. It likes shady conditions. I have been bumping up the light but my plants still haven't bloomed in three years.

This plant isn't mine, it is from the collection in the greenhouse where I do maintenance every Tuesday. I brought it home to re-mount and the week is almost gone. This is today's project.

The problem is that the new growth is pointed away from the mount and that there is too much sphagnum. At the same time I am going to replace the hook.

Here is the finished product. When I removed the plant, none of the roots had made it through the sphagnum to attach to the bark. I put a very thin pad back and changed the way the plant sits.

With rhizomes as long as this plant has I could have put it on a larger piece of cork. There is room for only one more year.

I hope I can get one of these to bloom. They look like great flowers. According to, which is my main source of orchid information, this species blooms any time from spring through fall.

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