Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring cleaning

Masdevallia pachyura - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Masdevallia pachyura grows in Ecuador and Peru in wet mountain forests above 3000 feet. It occurs as both epiphyte and terrestrial. It seems to bloom almost any time and is in bloom now.

I just checked the weather report and an agency of the federal government informs me that it is 46 degrees now and will get up to 70 today. That's the sort of day I have been looking for to remove the last excuse for not cleaning up my potting area. I am hoping for the air to be nice by noon.

I need to clean because all the surfaces are covered and potting is difficult and impossible to do without feeling guilty. So today I will stick my head out the door at noon, and if I see my shadow, go outside and clean.

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