Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AQ/AOS - An Award of Quality

I have never seen (or at least never noticed) a tag with AQ/AOS before today. While I was doing my Tuesday maintenance at my friend's greenhouse I ran into Cirr Doris Dukes AQ/AOS.

More information about this AOS award can be found on the internet. And the internet tells me that "An Award of Quality (AQ/AOS) is given when at least 12 different varieties of the same cross are presented. At least one in the group must also receive a flower award or have previously been awarded. This award is given to both the grower of the plants and to the breeder, providing they are not the same person."

The plant is a fairly large mount. It didn't need much work but there was growth off the mount and a few dead pseudobulbs. I made the adjustments and replaced the wire hanger. One of the side benefits of doing maintenance on other peoples orchid collections is being able to take home leftovers, in this case two small pieces of this primary hybrid (Bulbophyllum fascinator x Bulbophyllum rothschildianum).

The pieces are soaking right now. That will make the roots more pliable. Later today I will mount them together on a piece of cork.

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