Monday, March 16, 2009

Brassia caudata alba update

This picture of Brassia caudata alba is one of my favorite orchid pictures. Run the mouse over the small picture to see a larger version. It is the basis for the blog graphic above.

Brassia caudata alba - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Brassia (Brs) contains 29 species spread throughout tropical America. They are very prone to pleating if not watered enough during growth spurts.

Brassia caudata grows all the way from Florida to northern South America. It is warm to hot growing and is quite fragrant. This Brassia is a good indoor plant for you if you can grow Dendrobiums.

I got this from a friend as a salvage orchid when it had finished blooming. It was in reasonable shape except that the most recent new growth had pleated.

Pleats form in Brassia when the new growth isn't getting enough water. These pleats are ugly and permanent.

Over the years I have been removing leads and leaving the backbulbs here. It looks as if it has simply run out of strength.

I am going to take the two pseudobulbs with the two new growths are down pot. I will take the keiki and hope that it can survive on its own. It has entirely used up the energy available from the mother plant.

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