Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cymbidium dayanum divisions

Cymbidium dayanum divisions - Photo by Richard Lindberg

I have done the dividing and a good portion of the cleanup. I ended up with three plants with more that 5 pseudobulbs and some roots, one plant with three pseudobulbs and some roots and four backbulbs.

The plant was not as strong as I had first hoped after seeing the rootball. The center turned out to be dead and some of what I thought were backbulbs were hollow.

Deep down under dead material I found scale, the nasty kind. The plant had been sprayed twice directly on the plant and fed with a systematic and still some survived.

Instead of potting the plants today I am going to spray them really well and then wash and spray them again tomorrow. This is the time to get rid of pests and the plants will be fine out of the pot for a few days while I become sure that the pest are gone.

I am also going to do the same with my second Cymbidium dayanum plant. I will have a half dozen to sell when I start selling again on eBay in the last half of April.

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