Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cymbidium dayanum

Cymbidium dayanum - Photo by Richard LindbergI have two Cymbidium dayanum plants in 6-inch pots. I got them about 15 months ago and both have bloomed. I would show you a picture of the flowers, but I can't find it.

My practice with almost all the orchids I get is to repot within a few weeks. I didn't do that with these so I have been planning to do it this year.

I was waiting for new growth and I see it on both plants. My project for today is to divide and repot them. I slipped one out to look at the roots.

I am happy with what I see. No dead roots and a dense but not overgrown rootball. There were peanuts in the bottom. The medium is small bark and pea gravel.

I will have to do the re-potting outside. We will have rain showers today but it is not very cold. I will have plenty of time to work. It is important to take my time with this. I should end up with good roots on the divisions.

How many divisions will there be? I can't really say yet, but there are two main clumps and one of those may divide again. I see at least six backbulbs that won't remain with the divisions.

An interesting bit of information about this species is that it is epiphyic rather than a terrestrial. That will influence my medium choice.

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