Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium (Den) contains 1200 species from all parts of Asia and the Pacific. Some like a dry winter rest, all like to dry out between watering. Flowers are long lasting.

This is the cross Dendrobium alexandrae x Dendrobium johnsoniae. Both of these are from Papua and New Guinea blooming in fall and winter.

They both are members of the Latouria group. I found this great article about them in the Dean Street Orchids blog. There are several other interesting articles there too.

I got this about 18 months ago along with several other plants from a friend who was down sizing her orchid collection. I repotted in rock, put it in a bright spot and hoped for the best. I am happy that it bloomed, although from my reading I know that there should be many more flowers.

You can see a defining characteristic in the plant picture. The pseudobulb has a thin bottom much like a club or a baseball bat.

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