Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had good luck last night

Zygopetalum intermedium - Photo by Richard LindbergLast night I went to the Sonoma County Orchid Society meeting. The speaker was from Mexico and we learned about some of the less familiar Mexican orchids. There was also a raffle and I got two plants, both of which I considered good additions to my collection.

The first plant I got was Zygopetalum intermedium which grows in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil above 6000 feet. It is a medium sized terrestrial with long lasting, fragrant flowers. It blooms in fall and winter. It has a nice new growth and seems healthy.

Eria spicata - Photo by Richard LindbergThe second plant was Eria spicata which grows throughout Southeast Asia in the lower mountains. It is warm to hot growing, needs bright light and is fragrant. It blooms in spring and summer. It is my very first plant in that genus. The tag said "convallariodes" but I changed it to the name used by

Since this is my home group I now buy raffle tickets even if most of the plants are not a great fit for my collection. They are still good to trade or sell.

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