Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laelia anceps repotting

Laelia anceps 'Boulder Valley' HCC/AOS - Photo by Richard Lindberg

The genus Laelia (L) About 60 species from Mexico through South America. They are highly varied.

Laelia anceps grows well and blooms well here in northern California. It comes from in Mexico and Honduras. It is warm to hot growing and needs a dry winter rest and bright light. If it is dry it can winter outside if there is no hard freeze.

I have several varieties of Laelia anceps and more individual plants than anyone who isn't a grower should have. This is mostly because they grow really well here and there are new divisions every year.

Right now the weather is very good and I am in the spring cleaning process. Over the next two weeks every plant in the greenhouse will come out. Then I will spray, repot, photograph and verify my inventory list. I plan to list my first plants for the year on eBay on March 28.

This is a particularly good time to repot Laelia anceps since the new growth is just getting started. Since I have the new greenhouse space I am changing the medium from rock to sphagnum. They will be much dryer this year and should do even better.

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