Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More about re-mounting orchids

I got a few more plants to re-mount from the greenhouse where I do weekly maintenance. On the way home I picked up 100 feet of 14 gauge wire.

I bought some 12 gauge wire a couple of months ago. I use on many mounts, especially the larger ones. But for some smaller mounts 12 gauge is overkill and so I use 14 gauge for those. I am just about out of the last roll and 100 feet goes faster than you would think.

I don't re-wire a mount unless it needs other work. In this case I have four mounts that have such a big pad of sphagnum that the plant has not attached to the cork bark. (Mouse-over the picture below)

Wire hook replaced and plant attached betterBesides replacing the hook I moved the plant lower, removed half of the sphagnum and fastened it so that the new growth was in contact with the cork.

This plant is Oncidium onustum. One thing to be aware of is that new growth is higher than the previous generation in Oncidiums generally speaking.

Sometimes it seems as though the top half of the cork is empty, but I am thinking two or more years ahead. With the proper placement, the mount will only get better looking with time.

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