Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mounting securely with minimum visibility

Even though I don't like to see fishing line on a mount, I am not a form over function kind of guy. The most important thing is that the plant not move on the mount. They get easily confused when they shift around.

There are two pieces to be mounted this time. Each must be attached in at least two spots. I lay out the plants on the cork. When I like the placement I take a red marker and mark the attach points, two holes for each. I have tried a black marker, but the black dots are harder to pick out on the cork surface.

After I drill all eight holes I feed a long piece of fishing line through each pair of holes using a bamboo skewer. I tie each pair of ends together so they won't come back out during handling and so I can easily know what are the pairs.

Now comes the sphagnum pad. This is not a clump but rather two strands of sphagnum running under the fishing line loops right where the rhizome will be on the cork.

The plant pieces are placed on the moss. A tiny piece of sphagnum is on top of the rhizome under the fishing line to protect the rhizome. The line should be firm without cutting. If there is any movement at all, redo that tie.

These are the two small pieces I got on Tuesday. During the day of soaking some of the roots greened up so I know there are live roots. It should re-hydrate nicely.

Bulbophyllum Doris Dukes AQ/AOS is Bulbophyllum fascinator x Bulbophyllum rothschildianum. I referred to it as a Cirrhopetalum a couple of days ago but it is a Bulbophyllum, at least for a month or two while the classification tug-of-war goes on around us.

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