Thursday, March 26, 2009

A mounting tip - feeding nylon line through a hole

I don't like to see fishing line on a mount. I just don't. If I am mounting or re-mounting I will go to some extra effort to feed the line through holes instead of wrapping the line around the wood.

With thin cork bark and a really clean hole it is not too terrible to thread the line through, but if the cork is thick or the mount is on other wood it can be very frustrating. I do a lot of mounts so the annoyance level builds up over time.

Here's the trick. Take a bamboo skewer and tie the fishing line to the tip so that it can't slide up. I use a single knot where I go through twice instead of once. That holds fine for this purpose. Now push the skewer through the hole and there you are, all threaded.

(Mouse-over the picture below to see "before" picture)

Bulbophyllum Purple Slippers - Removed some sphagnum and re-attachedThis plant was mounted on a pretty piece of wood, but you couldn't see it for all the sphagnum. And the sphagnum was so thick that the plant was not attached to the wood at all.

Much better, don't you think? There are two places where the plant is tied down. It is stable and you see nothing from the front. New roots will be very close to the wood and will have no trouble attaching.

Bulbophyllum Purple Slippers is Bulb frostii x Bulb guttulatum

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