Friday, March 6, 2009

Pacific Orchid Exposition starts

Pacific Orchid Exposition - Photo by Richard Lindberg

The Pacific Orchid Exposition is the largest show west of the Mississippi. Ribbon judging and vendor setup was yesterday, along with the gala kickoff in the evening.

The theme was an environmental one (Green with Envy) and a couple of the displays really tried to make a statement and look good at the same time. The one above was more typical in that it made an environmental gesture with the sign.

I was there all day as part of the ribbon judging team for the Cattleya alliance. This is not the AOS judging but finding the best orchids in the displays. That meant a lot of walking because the displays were in a huge area and there were 60 displays. The plants in a category could, and often were, all over the building.

This is a great show and a major orchid buying opportunity. I walked around the sales area after the judging when the vendors were putting the finishing touches on, and I saw plant after plant that I wanted to buy.

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