Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to put up shade cloth

Cattleya My Special Angel - Photo by Richard LindbergI got a three-foot section moved out of the greenhouse into the temporary work area. One of the things I found was this cattleya just starting to get sunburn. I think it is only pigment but that remains to be seen.

Cattleya My Special Angel is Cattleya luteola x Cattleya iricolor and is a fairly high light orchid. If the light is too much for it, a lot of the others will get burned or bleached if I don't put up shade cloth.

The north wall of the greenhouse is glass and has most of the shade cloth removed during winter to let maximum light in. As the sun moves north it starts to come in during the late afternoon. Two saw horses in the shadeThis Catt was the first plant to get full sun through glass. I have the shade cloth all cut and so I tacked it up where it will stay until autumn.

For spring cleaning I get out a pair of saw horses and some boards to make a place where a bunch of plants can be out of the greenhouse for several hours. Normally I work with only one plant at a time, but spring-cleaning is as much about cleaning the greenhouse as it is about plant maintenance.

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