Monday, April 20, 2009

Colmanara Kilauea 'Pacific Candy Corn' in bloom

Colmanara Kilauea 'Pacific Candy Corn' - Photo by Richard LindbergThis plant is a cute little throw-away from Trader Joe. I tried to look up the parentage and couldn't find anything at the RHS so suspect that one of the parents changed genus thus removing it from Colmanara.

The spike is pretty long for the size of the plant and the flowers are spaced well. I have had it three years I think and it has bloomed at least once every year.

It could have done better. I has grown to a size where it can be divided and so I will un-mount it and make two pieces. I haven't decided about the next step. Probably mount one and pot one.

I know one thing. The tag is going to stay Colmanara.

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