Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dendrobium loddigesii divisions

Dendrobium loddigesii - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Dendrobium (Den) contains 1200 species from all parts of Asia and the Pacific. Some like a dry winter rest, all like to dry out between watering. Flowers are long lasting.

Dendrobium loddigesii grows from Vietnam to southwest China. It is fragrant, needs bright light and a definite dry winter rest.

I have three plants in pea gravel, all divisions of a single plant. I have another division that is mounted on cork. All four have grown quite a bit from last year. The mounted plant shown here will be in my first group of plants listed on eBay next week.

The three potted plants were removed and cleaned. All the leggy rhizomes were removed. The result was several nice, if small, pieces.

The four largest pieces will be mounted on cork and grown for sale in 2010. The remaining pieces will be potted back in pea gravel. A couple of plants are large enough to be potted separately; the rest will be put in a community pot and re-evaluated in about six months.

The secret to blooming this plant is the dry winter rest. I have a hard time with the water discipline necessary, but unless the plant is water free for about four months, it will not bloom.

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