Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dendrobium violaceum repot and divide

Dendrobium violaceum grows in New Guinea in mountain forests where it can get very bright light. It is cool to warm growing and can bloom just about any time.

I got this earlier in the month at the SCOS raffle table. It was a cute, delicate looking plant. Mainly it was a species I don't have. I have found that raffle tables are an important means of expanding my orchid horizons.

When I unpotted it and removed all the old sphagnum I found great, voilet colored roots. There was a natural division point, so I now have two plants. Mouse over the picture below to see the plant after cleanup.

I looked up the plant at so I have some clue as to what it needs. Still, I am not always able to pick the right microclimate, and some species do better mounted than potted.

I did both. I will get a chance to learn more than I could have with one plant and probably have a plant to sell or trade next year.

For the potted division I used pea gravel. The roots are thin and I am supposing that it will not want to be evenly wet all the time. While pea gravel holds water better than one would guess, it does drain.

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I have plants for sale on eBay.

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