Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Euanthe (Vanda) sanderiana alba "backbulb"

Euanthe sanderiana (different plant) - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Euanthe (Enth) contains the single species sanderiana.

Euanthe sanderiana grows in the Philippines. It is warm to hot growing, fragrant and wants very bright light.

This is one of those annoying genus changes. Everybody still calls it "Vanda". Left to my own devices I would label it "Vanda". The only thing that made me use "Euanthe" is an earier decission I made to use as my naming standard. Personally, I feel that a genus that only has one species may be a little over the top. But I digress.

I got this plant last summer. It was in a pot and the top leaf was brown. When I un-potted it, there were no live roots at all. I cut off the bottom up to the lowest leaf and put it in a basket up high in the greenhouse.

Frankly, I didn't think this one would survive. I didn't even assign it an inventory number. It was just there until it finally died. But it didn't die. New roots grew. A good sign, but I still didn't assign an inventory number.

Yesterday I assigned a number to the plant and added it to the website. I included a picture I had from another plant. Normally, if you see a flower picture with the plant, it is from that plant or a division. And this plant is an "alba" variety, so the flower will definitely be different. If I actually get it to bloom I'll change the picture.

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