Friday, April 24, 2009

Lanium avicula microclimate

Lanium avicula - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Lanium avicula - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Lanium (Lanm) contains less than 5 species found in northern South America. Grow best mounted on tree fern or cork.

Lanium avicula grows in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. Blooms spring and fall and needs more light and less water after blooming. The flowers are cute, and the inflorescense looks like a flock of birds.

I got a great plant in bloom last year. After the flowers were done I removed all the leads and left the remainder in the teak basket it came in.

There were six pieces removed, so I spread them around the greenhouse. They are all in sphagnum. Two went with the Dendrobiums for a dryer winter. Two went in teak baskets and regular watering. Two went with the Brassias.

The ones that did best were the ones in the baskets, so now that the warm weather is here, they are all going to be in the wet zone.

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