Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maxillaria endresii in bloom

Maxillaria endresii - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Maxillaria (Max) contains 650 some species spread throughout the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They have a single flower. Generally warm to hot growing.

Maxillaria endresii grows in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama at low altitudes. It is hot growing, needs good humidity, fragrant and blooms in spring.

Last year at POE I went a little Maxillaria crazy, buying four plants in 15 minutes for about $250. That was my whole POE budget, gone at 10:15 on Friday.

I got the plant from a usually reliable vendor but this particular plant was a disappointment. It was in bloom and looked great on top but when I took unpotted it, I found it to be rootless and appeared to have been hacked off of a larger plant.

The plant died back and I was afraid I would lose it, but there was new growth late last year and now it is blooming.

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I have plants for sale on eBay.

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