Friday, April 3, 2009

Mounted plant maintenance

It is sometimes tempting to consider mounts as "set it then forget it" kinds of plants, but they need maintenance just like any other plant. I am not talking about insect control or watering and light.

Sometimes the mount needs to be redone. Here is one I did this week from greenhouse where I do maintenance.

Bulbophyllum leopardinum grows from India to Thailand at high altitudes. It is cool to warm growing and likes shady conditions. It can bloom spring, summer or fall.

The fact that the new growth was coming off the edge or that the nice piece of wood used can't be seen are aesthetic problems. I wouldn't redo a mount just for either of these.

The mount had one main problem in that too much sphagnum was used. The plant was not in contact with the wood at all.

The plant should do better now. I thought about using a different piece of wood and using this piece for a smaller plant.

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

It looks as if the overnight temperatures are going to be back in the low 40s and upper 30s for a few days. I will have to open the greenhouse later and remember not to leave any plants out overnight until temperatures go up again.

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