Thursday, April 9, 2009

Notes from last Tuesday

Lowara Trinket 'Peach' x Lc Gaudi-digbyana - Photo by Richard LindbergTuesdays I do greenhouse maintenance in Sonoma. There are lots of Oncidium spikes as well as some Catts blooming. All in all, it is looking pretty good.

One plant I am watching is a Lowara Trinket 'Peach' x Lc Gaudi-digbyana that was taken out of its pot about a month ago. It was one of those that looked OK on top but turned out to have no live roots at all.

It was broken into four divisions which were put back in the same pot together in lava rock. I checked the pieces for root growth and three of them have started. They still need more time before they can be potted.

Brassavola nodosa - Photo by Richard Lindberg

One of the plants there is a large mounted Brassavola nodosa. This piece was sticking out at an odd angle so I trimmed it off and brought it home.

I have never done well with either Brassavola nodosa or one of its popular hybrids, Brassolaelia Yellow Bird. I am going to make more of an effort on this one since it is a healthy piece with good roots.

I am going to mount it. It seems to like being mounted and why argue with success.

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