Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blc Memoria Crispin Rosales x Blc Pamela Farrell

Can this orchid be saved? - Photo by Richard LindbergHere is a REAL rescue challenge. It is a piece of cork 10 inches x 22 inches and it looks very rough. Even though there is some sentimental value and in past years has bloomed well, my first suggestion was to toss it out.

I changed my mind when I got it down and saw that there was a new growth. A little light stressed but going strong. It had been hanging horizontally near the roof of the greenhouse and not getting watered well enough for a long time.

Note: Mouse over the picture to see the new growth.

The plant is the cross (Lc Bonanza x Blc Norman's Bay) x (Blc Norman's Bay x Blc Herons Ghyll). I found pictures of all three parents and they are each gorgeous. This must be spectacular.

I have decided that the best course of action is to simply inprove the quality of care for a few months and try to determine what is alive. Then we can decide what to cut.

I suspect we will end up with two potted plants, but we shall see. No rushing with orchids.

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