Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brassia caudata alba

Brassia caudata alba - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Brassia (Brs) contains 29 species spread throughout tropical America. They are very prone to pleating if not watered enough during growth spurts.

Brassia caudata grows all the way from Florida to northern South America. It is warm to hot growing and is quite fragrant. This Brassia is a good indoor plant for you if you can grow Dendrobiums.

When I repot a collection plant I often end up with a single backbulb. This is usually because I want the plant to fit a pot that is appropriate for the amount of roots. I will keep them and pry to sprout them, especially species backbulbs.

Last October I checked to see if the plant was ready for transition since the sprout is getting big. It is not because roots are just getting started.

When I checked just now I decided that there were marginally enough roots to pot it separately. I cut the rhizome and potted it in bark. I put it with the Brassia Rex keikis I potted a few days ago and will hand water them for awhile.

Plants like this will not bloom for at least two to three years. It is best to have a plan for them. In my case, when they get three pseudobulbs I will sell or trade them. Brassia caudata alba is a desirable addition to an orchid collection.

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