Monday, May 11, 2009

Cymbidiella rhodochila

Cymbidiella rhodochila - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Cymbidiella (Cymla) contains 3 species from Madagascar. They need constant hot, humid conditions with lots of water year round and good drainage similar to growing a Phaius. Here is an interesting article about Cymbidiella.

Cymbidiella rhodochila grows in Madagascar. AKA pardalina. It is hot growing and needs bright light and regular watering and fertilizer year round. It is fragrant and blooms in late spring.

There was a Cymbidiella rhodochila in bloom and the SFOS last week. I'm glad I saw it to learn that my plant is not blooming size. It has been very slow growing even though I have moved it to just about the warmest and brightest spot in the wet part of the greenhouse. There is new growth just starting.

Maybe next year.

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The SCOS potting party is next Saturday.

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