Monday, May 25, 2009

Masdevallia Angel Tang

Masdevallia Angel Tang - Photo by Richard LindbergMasdevallia Angel Tang was my first Masdevallia. Nobody grows them here because it is too warm. My wife didn't know that when she saw orchids at a farmer's market in Santa Cruz.

At the time I had only a few orchids and was growing indoors. I tried different ways to increase humidity and fooled around trying to get it to bloom.

Once it was in the greenhouse it started growing instead of surviving and after a few months it bloomed. Since then I have tried other hybrids and species with varying success.

This last winter I reduced the water quite a bit and the Masdevallia plants suffered while most of the rest of the collection did better.

I have decided to phase out the Masdevallias and keep a half dozen hybrids that do well in my conditions. Masdevallia Angel Tang is one I will keep.

If you want to try a Masdevallia any of the 'Angel' hybrids would be a good choice.

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  1. So what did you find to be the ideal for growing Masdes? I struggle with those the most and at the moment do not have any. Cool, humid, lots of H20?

  2. All that and pretty bright light. If there was a place for the melting ice cube trick, it would be for Masd. They can take warm air if the roots are cool and wet. Humid too, but I think that is the least important.

    Wet, cool, bright, humid in that order.